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    LY IR6000 BGA Rework Station is designed to meet the increasing everchanging demands of today's fast BGA Rework environments.

  • $499.99

    LY IR9000 BGA soldering Rework station, IR3000 was the original product developed on the basis of a dark red outside the BGA rework equipment. CBGA CCGA CSP QFN MLF PGA For CBGA, CCGA, CSP, QFN, MLF, PGA and all green epoxy and other chip-level μBGA welding, repairing. this new improved model offers software control and the ability to run pre...

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  • $659.99

    LY HR6500 LY HR6500 Main Features: It is two temperature design and the top is hot air head and bottom is infrared head. The two temperature zones are independently controlled with high precision controller. LY HR6500 can store 10 groups temperature profiles. And can set 8 segments ramp up and 8 segments constant temperature.

  • $649.99

    LY IR 6500 BGA Rework Station Features:This BGA Rework Station is designed for the repairing of PCB such as computer , notebook , XBOX-360 , Mobile phones, digital camera, MP4 / 5, routers, etc . This BGA Rework Station can rework double-layer BGA chip , After heating , solder will not come out from the double-layer BGA chip.

  • $849.99

    IR-PRO-SC  Rework station for laptop motherboards, desktop computer motherboards, server boards, industrial computer boards, all kinds of game boards, communications equipment motherboards, LCD TVs and other large circuit board BGA rework. IR-PRO-SC is Preheat independent infrared ceramic three-zone temperature control rework station, easy to...

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